Learn to Play the Piano

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It can be difficult taking those first steps towards becoming proficient on piano, but Alex prides himself on immediately making his students feel at ease, helping them to grow in confidence on the piano. For more advanced students (or those individuals who have had many years away from playing) he is great at honing in on areas that need development, and will have your techniques improved in no time! Alex believes that teaching students at a pace that suits their learning style is crucial to progress. This is a proven way to get results quickly. For a fun way to learn piano, get in touch today to get started straightaway.

Prices: £30 per hour | £15 per half hour

Availability: Lessons are available any time from 9am to 8pm on both Weekdays & Weekends.

The Art of Playing the Piano

The piano is such a versatile instrument, that naturally everyone wants to write for it. It’s always been a centerpiece in both the classical and popular music world. No matter which instrument you play it is always helpful to have some basic keyboard stills under your belt. Learning the piano is highly fulfilling and is a fantastic way to relax. Like many things, to it takes a long time to master an instrument, but when the basics are in place, progress is easy.

Classical Piano lessons

The traditional approach to playing piano. Explore some of the most famous music written, by some of the world’s greatest composers. The focus here is on developing correct technique and a high level of musicality, creating a true virtuoso! 

Jazz Piano lessons

The piano is an important tool of jazz musicians. Mastering various chord voicing's and learning the art of improvisation are valuable skills to behold. The creative and expressive development of Jazz is very rewarding. 

Pop music piano lessons

Everything from pop, rock and electronic music to film scores. Gain the knowledge and learn to play either solo or in a band. Develop an understanding of chord progressions and popular melodies then enjoy playing some of the most recognisable hit tunes!

Music Theory Lessons

An essential, if daunting, part of any musician’s arsenal; theory can help unlock the secrets of your chosen instrument and understand how to fit into different musical styles. I can help you with the rudiments, right through to the more advanced aspects. This can help with song writing, performance and even change how you listen to and appreciate music.

Music Technology & Production Lessons

Rarely taught privately, learning how to write and produce your own music is incredibly gratifying. Areas covered include a variety of topics that are essential to know, including looking at sound design with electronic synthesisers, exploring modern production techniques and experimenting with recording equipment. I work with industry standard software, Logic Pro X and am able to offer feedback and mentoring on your own music. You can visit my artist website for more information about this topic here at Alex Shore Music.

  • One-to-one lessons

  • All Ages and Abilities

  • Fun and friendly atmosphere

  • Flexible lesson times

  • Pay as you go

  • Any style, any genre

  • ABRSM & Rockschool grades 1-8 taught

  • Music theory tuition

Ready to Get Started?

If you're interested in setting up a lesson or simply want some more information then please feel free to send me a message.